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What is Unsleeved?

Unsleeved is an interactive t-shirt blog. By choosing to be a t-shirt blog instead of an online t-shirt store Unsleeved is free to showcase the best t-shirts and apparel from multiple t-shirt stores. This gives visitors to Unsleeved.com access to the funniest, most outrageous and coolest t-shirts on the internet.

What is an interactive t-shirt blog?

Unsleeved.com is the world’s first interactive t-shirt blog. Because we’re the pioneers of the interactive t-shirt blog, we get to choose what it means. Since we get to decide, we’ve decided that an interactive t-shirt blog is a place where people all over the world can find and buy the best, coolest and funniest t-shirts available online!

Doesn’t the name Unsleeved imply tank tops or sleeveless tees?

Listen smart ass Unsleeved is a made up word that we think sounds cool!  Oh and just so you know, Unsleeved actually refers to longsleevelessness…which is also a made up word.

Who owns Unsleeved?

Unsleeved.com its original content, logo and concept are all owned by a guy named Patrick. He loves t-shirts and proudly lives in Canada. If you want to contact Patrick to thank him for Unsleeved, talk about your t-shirt or ask about advertising, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How do I buy a t-shirt online?

Buying a t-shirt online is easy. If you like any of the funny t-shirts or classic t-shirts on Unsleeved.com all you have to do is click on the t-shirts picture or the t-shirt link.

Each link will bring you to one of our partners websites where you can easily buy a t-shirt online. All of our shirt partners accept multiple payment methods and offer secure websites where your transactions are always protected.

What type of t-shirts can I find at Unsleeved?

Unsleeved only showcases the best high quality t-shirts on the internet. That being said, we can’t list or review every t-shirt on the internet. Because we need to narrow it down, we focus on specific types of t-shirts.

Unsleeved hand picks funny t-shirts, classic t-shirts, movie t-shirts, TV show t-shirts, political t-shirts, classy t-shirts and cool t-shirts. We can’t list every type of t-shirt we hunt down and showcase so when we say cool t-shirts we’re actually covering a lot!

What is Unsleeved’s favorite t-shirt?

Unsleeved has several favorite t-shirts. Right now the most favorite of favorites is the Twilight T-Shirt. This t-shirt is funny for alot of reasons. If you don’t laugh when you read it, then an explanation probably won’t help.

What is the difference between a t-shirt and a tee?

There is no difference. Tee is just a shorter way of saying tee-shirt and tee-shirt is just an annoying way of saying t-shirt. Do you feel smarter now?

What size of t-shirts can I buy?

Most t-shirts on Unsleeved are available in a range of sizes. T-shirt size depends on the t-shirt partner, the shirt sex (men’s t-shirt or women’s t-shirt) and availability. Sizes can range from XXS to 3XL shirts.

How do I know what size t-shirt to order?

All online t-shirt stores have a t-shirt sizing chart and sizing diagram complete with specific t-shirt measurements. To guarantee a t-shirt that fits all you have to do is measure the size of a favorite t-shirt you own and then compare it to the sizing chart. Once you have the measurement that you know fits, you can safely choose a t-shirt knowing it will fit.

How much do t-shirts cost online?

T-shirt prices, like other clothing, can vary. The online t-shirt companies we deal with often have shirt sales that further vary t-shirt prices. The good news is that t-shirts for sale online are never expensive (at least not with the online t-shirt stores we use), so buying a t-shirt online is not only easy but also affordable!

How long does it take for my t-shirt order to arrive?

Arriving dates are determined by which t-shirt company you choose, the shipping method used and your location. Thankfully Unsleeved partners all have a variety of shipping methods, with even the most basic service offering fast results. For more specific information please see the FAQ or shopping cart checkout at any of our t-shirt partners.

What are the t-shirts made of?

T-shirt material can vary, however most of the online t-shirt stores we deal with sell cotton t-shirts or cotton / poly blended t-shirts.

Where are the t-shirts available at Unsleeved made?

Most of the t-shirts sold thru our affiliates are made in America. Several online t-shirt stores actually use American Apparel t-shirts. Most of the t-shirt stores connected to Unsleeved use high quality and USA made American Apparel.

Can I return a t-shirt I bought online?

Yes you can. While not all of the online t-shirt stores we work with offer a full refund, several of them do. The shirt companies that do not offer a full refund offer either a t-shirt credit or replacement tee of your choice.

What are t-shirt partners?

A t-shirt partner is an online t-shirt store partnered with Unsleeved. Unsleeved has chosen to affiliate themselves with the best online t-shirt companies on the internet! By working with multiple shirt stores Unsleeved can present the best tees from each tee-shirt store. Having multiple t-shirt partners gives us a huge collection of classic t-shirts and funny t-shirts to choose from. Unsleeved is proud to group the best t-shirts online in one place, where you can order your t-shirt online, anytime!

Can I trust your t-shirt partners?

Yes. Unsleeved refuses to do business or recommend t-shirt companies unless they are trusted, secure and sell high quality products.

What is the funniest t-shirt in the world?

That’s a great question. While we always believe the world will keep producing funnier and funnier t-shirts, we are still pretty confident that our funny t-shirts page has the best collection of funny t-shirts on the internet. Check it out and if you find a funny t-shirt you like – buy the t-shirt!

I ordered a t-shirt and I don’t have it yet. What should I do?

You should check your receipt or transaction record. Most email receipts or transaction records will have specific follow up instructions for delayed orders, lost orders or impatient people.

If you can’t find your receipt then please contact the t-shirt website where you ordered your product. Unsleeved is an interactive t-shirt blog and outside of referrals does not participate in t-shirt transactions.

What is your privacy policy?

Unsleeved.com takes privacy very seriously. The Unsleeved Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions can be found here.

How do I contact Unsleeved?

Fill out the contact form below and we will do our best to contact you within 48 business hours.

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