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Hangover T-Shirt – The Lazy Halloween Costume

October 17, 2009, Category: Movie T-Shirts

Buy the Hangover T-shirtIts almost Halloween and like most people you’re probably thinking “I need a costume” and if you’re like me, you’re probably lazy.

Being lazy and needing something that requires action just doesn’t work. Now I don’t want to ruin the next couple weeks for you BUT I will. I will ruin the rest of October for you by telling you the truth:

You are not going to find a funny or a cool halloween costume in time.

You are going to either:

A) have no costume  or  B) have a stupid costume.


Unless someone develops some sort of genius way for people like you and I to purchase a funny halloween costume with little to no effort. Well guess what Sloth boy!? Someone did!

Thats right, some very smart lazy people have engineered a solution to our nightmare scenario:

The Hangover T-Shirt. In the summer of 2009, a legendary and ridiculously funny movie called the Hangover was released. Thanks to some super smart people over at NerdyShirts, us lazy people can ride the Hangover wagon to and save ourselves from Halloween shame!

You can buy the Hangover T-Shirt online right now by visiting our Unsleeved funny t-shirt partner NerdyShirts. Our t-shirt buddies over at NerdyShirts sell some of the funniest tshirts online and they only offer high quality t-shirts!

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